Essays on Home and Family

Here’s where I’ll post my essays on home and family, a collection intended for future publication. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these blog posts on home and family:

Read Animales, an excerpt from the book I’m writing about our Guatemala experience.

Creating Something Wonderful, what making a family, among other things, means to me.

Our first Thanksgiving away from our children turned into A Spiritual Thanksgiving.

I like to call the trials of life “adventures.” Read about it in Give Me Adventures Any Day.

It wasn’t easy raising a large family on one income. Sharing a few tips on Money Issues.


And it’s always either Time or Money, take your pick.

4 thoughts on “Essays on Home and Family

  1. Donna OShaughnessy

    Looking forward to this section Karen. (I wanted to put an exclamation point there but resisted the urge after reading your profile. The first step towards fixing an addiction to something is admitting you have that problem in the first place!…Opps.)

  2. Russ Krecklow

    Want to thank you for writing the book “Farm Girl”. You’ve done an excellent job portraying the life and times of your mother and family. My parents lived a similar life during those same times, and I’m sorry to say they are both gone now, and I can’t capture their memories. Never really paid enough attention when I was younger, and now that I’m 68 years old, I have an interest in finding out what their lives were like. You’ve helped me fill in many of those gaps. Thank you very much.

  3. rwkrecklow

    I wanted to thank you for writing the book “Farm Girl”. It helps me fill in the gaps in my own parent’s early lives. They are both gone now, and I didn’t pay enough attention while they were with us. Now that I’m 68, I have more or an interest in what their lives were like when they were young. You have done a wonderful thing in helping me “see” what it was like in that place and time. Thanks.

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Russ, Thank you so much for your comments about Farm Girl. It was my mother’s greatest desire with her story, that it would inspire others to perhaps write their own family histories, or to at least come to a broader understanding of what these times were like.


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