D is for Dreams Coming True

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge on my writing blog, Coming Down the Mountain, so anyone looking for the real alphabet posts can go there. However, with all these letters swirling around in my head, and seeing how I haven’t posted here for some time, I keep thinking of the letter D and dreams or dreaming of the future. What is a dream anyway except something we want to happen that hasn’t yet?

I’m a dreamy, imaginative, daydreaming kind of person. I’ve wished for a lot of things through the years. Many have come true, most have taken some time.

When I was fifteen and wishing for someone to love me (not my parents LOL), I would have been pretty irritated to hear that I’d have to wait seven more years until the boyfriend of my dreams showed up.

When I was eighteen, in college, taking writing classes, studying literature, and fantasizing about being a  la-di-da writer, I’d have been appalled to know it would be nearly forty years before I published a book. And a short one at that.

Sometimes patience is called for. Most of us don’t have patience. The elderly often do, probably because they’ve learned by experience that dreams have a way of coming true eventually. And those that don’t, end up not mattering.

Like how I always used to wish on the first star of the night, the first robin of the season and every four-leaf clover I could find and every wishbone that broke my way that I could grow up and live on a farm and have a horse.

It never happened, which is okay. I no longer wish for a horse. Or a farm. But sometimes I wonder….What if one of my grandchildren grows up to live on a farm and has a horse and I can toddle over there with my cane and crawl my way up into the saddle and ride for hours on the mountain trails? Just what if.

2 thoughts on “D is for Dreams Coming True

  1. Rob-bear

    Yeah, well, this old Bear has lots of patience. I figured you’d get around to posting something here, sometime. You didn’t disappoint me. And I hope that, when you mature a bit more, though not in need of a cane, that you’ll be doing some more horsing around.

    Wait; isn’t that what you’re doing now? Oh, maybe not. Whatever.


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