First Look at My Favorite Book

First look at my favorite! Yes, I admit it. Lighting Candles in the Snow is my favorite.

There was too much anxiety with Farm Girl and Uncut Diamonds, since they were my first, to really enjoy the process. And House of Diamonds, although I really like that novel, I was disappointed in the typesetting. The print book came out too short, too small.

I like a nice, solid novel that feels good in my hands. A thick book.

Like this….

And besides, I am totally in love with this cover!

Goodreads page for Candles is right here if you want to add it, I’d be ever so grateful. Even more grateful for reviews! There will be free ARCs and Kindle promos coming up, so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “First Look at My Favorite Book

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Karen .. a little late I’ve seen the book around and I think it’s great – and I’ll be getting it once I’m sorted out and that is on its way .. cheers Hilary


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