I finally made the big move. After utilizing Blogger for the past four years as my author blog, Coming Down the Mountain (where I have over 1000 followers and 4000 views a month), I’ll now blog here (where I have 29 followers and about 100 views a month).

Probably not a smart move. But I have my reasons–

1. Scattered online presence. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, website– these are all the places I connect with people. Each one takes time and I need to focus, be less scattered, write more books.

2. I like to write in more depth about my interests in family, food, relationships, how people deal with issues of time and money. I’ll post once a month and give it some thought. On Blogger, the key is to post a lot, comment a lot and attract followers. I’m over that.

3. Most of my followers on the other blog are writers interested in issues related to book publishing. I’ll still post there as an editor, thus keeping Karen the writer separate from Karen the editor. Again, less scattered, more focused.

4. I’ve always wanted to write a book of essays on family life. Why not try them out first as blog posts on my website?

No, it may not be a smart move but I go with my heart and this is where it’s leading me. I have a plan and I’m excited about getting started!

10 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Arlee Bird

    Like I said on your Blogger site, I think it’s a good plan. I’m sure you’ll build a following on this site.

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Lee, I hope you are right about it being a good plan. I’ve hesitated doing it for a long time, thinking I might lose everything I worked so hard for at Coming Down the Mountain. But my desire isn’t to have a following for my blog but a following for my books. It’s time to refocus my energies into getting more books out, and hopefully I can build a readership for them.

  2. Maria Zannini

    You’re very brave. I’ve been thinking of doing this for two years, but the work necessary to rebuild my readership from scratch scares me. LOL. You’re more active on the social networks though. I’m sure you’ll transition just fine. Meanwhile, I have your new address. 🙂

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Maria, It’s been in the works for awhile. Finally I realized it was like clearing out a closet– better to have things in proper order than all jumbled together. If I’m going to be online, and of course I am, then I might as well be organized about it.

  3. Claire (@ClaireGoverts)

    Good luck blogging here instead of Blogger. I added this one to my Google Reader, which I need to organize better one of these days.

    I’ve been debating my own blogging, and recently added a work/career blog to my website with WordPress. And I still have my author / creative blog on Blogger.

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Hi Claire, I know there are those who say why have more than one blog or website etc but once one gets into this blogging lifestyle it seems easier to compartmentalize different aspects than try to use one for everything. I guess that’s my reasoning for all this anyway.

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Hi Donna, I actually really like WordPress! However it’s hard to get people to cross the line from one venue to another. I understand that as we tend to veer towards what’s most comfortable. I will follow you on WordPress!


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