Happy Birthday, Mom. I will always miss you most in January.

Mom died on New Year’s Day. She had a severe stroke in October from which she never fully recovered, hanging in there through the holidays, just long enough to welcome in another year but not long enough to see her 94th birthday. She would be 96 today if she were still alive.

What a wonderful life she had! There are no words to describe my mother, although a few that come to mind are

beautiful   generous   charitable   kind   happy   friendly  wise  loved to learn and to teach   intelligent   loving  positive attitude   enthusiasm

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what follows are seven thousand expressions of a life lived well:

With Bride Liesel

Lucille Marker high school graduationvery young Lucillelittle lucille drinkingon_phonelittle lucille 2-1camping

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom. I will always miss you most in January.

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Karen .. I’m sorry about your mother, but as you say she had had a wonderful innings and had enjoyed your enormous family! .. and your books about her life and her parents …

    The picture of one of your daughters talking to her grandmother reminded me immediately of you … funny the family likeness …. and I loved all the other photos – as I did those in Farm Girl …

    Have a happy year ahead .. the 1st January is not an easy time … but we all go when we do … my Mama went on Independence Day … and my best friend also went on 1st January about 10 years ago now …

    With thoughts – Hilary

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Hilary, It is difficult to lose one’s mother, no question, but I feel extremely fortunate that she lived long enough for the two of us to do Farm Girl. Especially considering my inclination to procrastinate doing good things 🙂

  2. Mirka Breen

    How lovely she was, Karen. Your great tribute to her, your first published book, (FARM GIRL) has cherished photos and more words than this post. But you are right- the first photograph up here, of your mom at a precious family event, makes for a beautiful summation.

  3. Carolyn Draper

    What a wonderful tribute to your Mother, Karen. Looking at the photos makes one feel pulled into her surroundings! What a serene feeling that is to experience!!!
    P.S. This is also my daughter, Laurie’s, 40th birthday!

      1. Carolyn Draper

        Thank you, Karen. I will pass on your message to her – she is spending the day with Peggy!! Sounds as if 2 wonderful women in our family are fortunate to share their birthdays with your Mother!

  4. Donna OShaughnessy

    No matter what our age, the loss of our mother, our mommy, is a loss like none other. So much of our history goes with them. Bravo to you for taking the time to record so much of your mothers life for generations to come. You are one amazing daughter! And the pic of her on the phone? Priceless.

    1. karenjonesgowen Post author

      Donna, I too love that photo of her on the phone. It shows how her lifetime covered amazing technological changes. In the first decade of her life, telephones were something new and most homes in her neighborhood didn’t even have electricity or indoor plumbing. In the last decade of her life, she used a computer daily. (And she still talked on the phone every chance she got.)


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